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Glass thickness


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im thinking of setting up a 250x200x120cm pond. 3 sides and bottom will be made of concrete with front glass display panel.

IPB Image

as you can see from the sideview pic, 60cm will be underground and 60cm will above the ground. for the display glass, what would be the minimal thickness of glass to use??



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Since the glass section depth will only be 60cm you can get away with 10mm float with side rims (bracing). However, since this is a pond I am pretty sure you will get people leaning on/over the glass and with 200cm width, you cant cross brace so I would be using 15mm with perhaps 20mm side brace.

Actually with the dimensions your looking at, I would just hunt around some demolition places for a used tempered glass door and add a top rail of glass to stop cross sectional knocks - 15mm tempered is roughly the equivelent as 30mm float. There is usually a surplus of doors so you should be able to get one at a great price.

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