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Peppermint fry.


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Just want to know if the peppermint fry will be harmed by the other adults in the tank?

I know I can put them in a fry saver but with B/N I had better success when I left them in the tanks.

My first spawn of Peppermints. :wub:thumbup:

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Agree with Mike.

Have a good male and no probs

Have a slack male that kicks them out then you can loose a lot.

Need to keep an eye on them , not easy for us all,??

I sometimes take the shell or cave to a frysaver in the same tank,

With the male as well.

needs to be a good size.

I put an airstone below, makes sure plenty co2.

I have a divider that I clip the frysaver to, use the common cloths peg if i have to.

If its the ice cream container type.

Need to make a few more of Matts ones, they are very good.

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