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5 ft Tank


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I am setting up a new tanks 5ft x 2ft x 2ft it has about 50kg crushed white marbles stone for the base, 2 small piece of driftwood with anubias on it, and couple of rocks

at the moment I am cycling the tank with my new canister old canister and otto fish in it.

the question is how much adult electric yellow that i can fit in there to make a colony to breed? 30-50? Is there any fish that i can combine with these fish without reducing the amount of E yellow that i can occupy, such as loach, cory, etc...?

does electric yellow like a high current water? I have 2 canister at 2500lph should I use both of them or just 1?


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If you want a colony of 30-50 electric yellows then I guess you will need to have about 30-50 fish in there

I would run both canisters if you have them available to use.


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I keep my breeding colonies of Yellows with colonies of Maingano, C afra "cobue" and A Beanschi "Nkhomo reef" in a 6x2(w)x18(H). It is a similar water volume and I have around 50 fish in there. The peacocks don't breed they are just pretty. The others do breed nicely together. In saying that I am going to split the tank into 2 sections and thus split the colonies in to 2. Probably Yellows and maingano and the other peacocks and afra's.



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