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My 134s

MikeWs Fish

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Hey Mike,

Nice collection of fish you have! I had a look last time i was around - i didnt realise you had so many.

They seem to be making good use of those caves.

Have you had anymore luck with spawns?

Would love to get some for myself some time, but am kind of put off by the need to pay closer attention to water quality.

Maybe when I am finished at UNI.



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Hi guys thanks for the comments. These plecs are my pride and joy :wub

I had one spawn about 3 months ago. Other people further up north are having a lot more action than me although I've had a female L201 up a cave for 3 days or so. I just put a dose of black water extract in after a water change, so hopefully she'll drop her eggs sometime.

Here's the thread about the spawn 3 months ago

Here's what the bubs look now:

IPB Image

Best regards,

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