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EYs Swimming on their side, dieing


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Hi Guys,

I had moved about 45 of some electric yellow fry into a into another tank around 2 months after they had been spat out.

Of these, I now have 15 of them left, most have dissapeared in the night and out of a few that I have seen, they have been swimming on their side before they are gone.

Can anyone shed some light as to what could be the cause for this behaviour and subsequent deaths?


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The tanks has been set up now for at least a year. Long enough for a few other broods to grow up and move out.

I kind of just "dumped" them in, however these fish have been in the new tank for at least a couple of months before they started dying.

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I kind of just "dumped" them in


You should of acclimatized the young ones. They have been shocked and now are dying from it.

also make sure that you water parameters are the same as The tank that they have been taken out from.

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