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Is there a weight limit ?

Out of Africa

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Hi all,

This is a tricky one but is there a calculation by which one can determine how much weight I can put into my tank. It's a 5x2x2 with a 12mm base and 10mm sides. The base looks solidly made but it is pine. I would say I have close to 100kgs in there now of round river stones but prob need another 50+ to reach my desired effect!


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You could fill the whole tank with rocks and nothing disastrious should happen.

all could be good for a short while.

if the stand is not level and true, sitting on a solid floor it doesn't matter if the glass is 12mm.

it can crack at the stress point or start to split the silicone seal. time will tell.

how long is a peice of string??

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That's a fair amount of rock you have there....

A good idea is to get some bulky driftwood pieces which is lighter than rock and use this as a base, then cover it or blend it in within your rockwork.

You'll get the same mass effect of aquascaping but with much less weight being used.


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