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How to dim lighting


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I am wondering whether anyone can give me some advise on T5 tubes and how I can dim / subdue my lighting without having to instal a dimmer. There are no plants in the tank. Just rocks and fish.

I have a 2metre tank which is currently powered by 4 T5 tubes (i believe they are 39wt Hagen Power Glo). They are housed in Akva-Stabil aquarium hood, 2 units side by side (left and right not front and back). Each unit has its own power supply. So I can switch off the left or the right (or both) if required. The problem is each unit has 2 tubes, one front and one back. So I can only switch off one side of the tank not both front of both back tubes...hopefully that makes sense .

I have considered removing both back tubes, but seeing as the units as so close to the top of the water I am concerned about water getting into the exposed light fittings which will have exposed electricity points.

So in order to dim / subdue the tank lighting I figure I need to reduce the intensity of the existing 4 T5 tubes.

Can anyone recommend a tube that would dim / subdue the tank ? or even recommend a dimmer that doesnt cost what the Akva-Stabil manufacturer produces which is crazy prices



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Pretty sure that you cannot dim those lights. Most fluros you cannot dim. even if you put a dimmer in it will not work. Just take out one of the tubes and that will make it less brighter. If it doesnt work when you take the globe out it means you have a series ballast which means the light onlyworks on one ballast and needs the two globes to work.

Good luck with it...

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