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Metro, Octozin Or Sterazin Where?


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Hey guys does anybody here know where i can find some Octozin or Sterazin. I can't find anything in my area. I would like to find octozin or Sterazin by waterlife somehow but if i have to i will travel to the vet to get some metro.

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google is your friend this is what googled up

STERAZIN is used or the control of gill and body parasites which cause fish to flick when no symptoms are visible to the unaided eye. STERAZIN will also aid the control of internal parasites such as Round Worm, Thread Worm, and Intestinal Worm. In order to destroy the parasites in all stages of their life cycle you will need to use the product on days 1, 3, 6, 8 and 10. STERAZIN may also be used to aid the sterilisation of aquatic plants and is highly biodegradable.

PROTOZIN is used for the control of all protozoan and fungal infections e.g Whitespot, Fungus, Neon Tetra Disease, Velvet, Costiasis and Trichodiniasis. You will require 4 separate applications to complete the course of treatment. By adding the treatment on days 1, 2 and 3 the product safely compounds in strength and does not burden the already stressed animals with a hard hitting formula. The final dose on day 6 is a preventative measure to try and ensure the organism does not re-occur. PROTOZIN's properties are highly effective at treating all its target organisms. Protozin is our best selling disease treatment world wide.

So no protozin will not help if it is bloat. If you say your fish are like ballons then I suspect if you cannot gt an antibiotic and bath the fish in metro you are in trouble. You could ask the LFS sometimes they have supplies that will sell at a cost. The other option is that you may have dropsy so an epson salt bath may work. Check out Craig Thompson's post on a bloated Tropheus. That is a cheap and environmental safe solution that may work.



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AOA should stock Sterazin (they normally do) but Octozin is much harder to find.

The last I heard was that they chose not to go through the neccessary ordeal and disclosure to renew their import permit so the only stock around is small stockpiles amongst tropheus keepers and perhaps a few LFS backrooms.

I gather the ingredient of concern in Octozin is metronidazol (though that isn't definate.. waterlife don't want to disclose the ingredients for Octozin.. hence the difficulties in renewing the import permit).

Anyhow your vet will be able to provide metro (in exchange for a kidney or paying for his golf club membership renewal) or your LFS may be willing to sell some to you.

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Theres a very large aqurium shop at Auburn that sells Metro in powdered form. This is excellent for disolving into pellets etc.

be aware that the Auburn metro-bucket is actually full of Dimetronidazole or at least it was last time I checked.

Dimetronidazol is apparently much more potent than Metronidazole but apparently also much easier to overdose. (Metronidazole is very forgiving in terms of toxiciity due to overdosing).

I use Dimetronidazol (and the Auburn folk do on fresh imports) but recommend doing so with care.

There are anecdotal reports of dimetronidazol killing all the filtration bacteria and hence resulting in ammonia poisoning, (insert favourite horror story here) etc etc.

Personally I'm a little sceptical of the phobia as the entire family are noted for their clinical uselessness against aerobic bacteria so if it's somehow become effective at killing aerobic bacteria too then the pharmaceutical companies marketing agencies have slipped up (and are misisng out on a handy few billion dollars in sales)

Yes it can be lethal if overdosed but it also very effective, more so than its' cousin Metronidazole.

as an example this abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1515473...pt=AbstractPlus relates to treating the flagellate Cryptobia iubilans in discus where dimetronidazole was effective and metronidazole was not.

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