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Sick Fish


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Hi All

Amature fish keeper here, so I won't know the names of the fish, as it was given to me by some friend as a gift.

(Its a blue/purple fish with dark vertical bands and yellowish tails).

But anyway for last few days it to start swim funny, and yesterday when i get home it start to swimming around the tank rotating along the horizontal axis of its body (like a corkscrew motion in roller coaster), and it does not stop. Seems like he completely loss orientation.

I know he must be quite sick, what is wrong with it? Is it a disease? would it pass on to other fish in tank? and lastly what I need to do at this point in time?

Thanks for any advice.

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Most likely a diesese probably best to go down to your local fish store and see what they have to say. Could be some kind of Internal parasite affecting the wim bladder but i don't know much.. By the sounds of it the fish could be an Acei

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Unfortunately ... the fish passed away. Hopefully what ever the disease is not contagious. As it was in the tank with alot of other fish, which haven't show any symptons, fingers crossed.

As for type of fish, colouring is similar to Acei (I looked up), but the head shape is more rounded.

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As Evo said, sounds to me like the fish had a disease that effected it's swim bladder.

I euthanase fish when they get to this stage. I don't believe they can be cured when their swim bladder is effected.

Dropsy is a disease that can affect the swimm bladder. Was the fish swollen as this is a sign of Dropsy?


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