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discus, eggs and community tank


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hi all. here are some pics: hope u enjoy

i got my discus to lay eggs the other day. about 100+ eggs were laid but as it was a first time and the discus were inexperienced so the other member of the pair decided to eat them. female did a good job but the pair is a bit bigger and overpowered it.

lets start off with the community tank:

IPB Image

here is the female discus with the eggs(well some of the eggs and 1/2 the female)

IPB Image

here is the other 1/2 pf the pair. i am unsure if its male or female so if anyone wants to make a guess, you are more than welcome to.

IPB Image

and here is another of the same discus

IPB Image

here is my third discus. i am goin to get another discus so that this one can get a mate soon. this pic is rather old so i will get an update pic soon. i am unsure of male or female. again, any one wanna guess?

IPB Image

i relise now that i didnt get a full body pic of the female so i will post that up soon along with the an update of any spawns or a new pic of the third discus.

any imput welcome. tell me wot u think



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Well done

I am sure with a couple more practices that they should breed successfully.

Just make sure that the 3rd discus or the other fish are not attacking the eggs or you may have to seprate the pair with a divider for the babies protection :blink

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Nice one those discus look awesome

when my discus first spawned i was over the moon. then the next day she ate the eggs i was spewin

anyhow at least every few weeks to a month she was laying eggs and the best she did was let them go till a few of them were just free swimming the bam she would eat them.

12 monthe later i went oversea's for 9 month and i left my fish with the inlaws

When i got back she had layed eggs and about 20 survived so

Patience is the key and try to leave them alone as much as you can worked for me

Good luck



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