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Daphnia Collection


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Having no plants in my Oscar tank, I now have a green water algae problem. By reading other posts, I thought I would give Daphnia collection a go. Macquarie Uni has a lake (no fish, but some eels and quite a number of my frisbees :)) so in theory that would be a good spot.

My problem is that I'm not really sure what I am looking for. If you have any tips, please let me know! :)



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Best of Luck with the daphnia....get them at the right time and you end up with with a cream coloured mass in the bottom of a very fine mesh net. If they are there and they probably are run a fine net through the water an few dozen times and empty the net into a bucket with water from the pond....even if you can't see anything in the net wash it in the bucket after each scoop ......fill the bucket with water from the tank and leave outside in partial sun and daphnia will multiply....just remove other insects...water boatman backswimmers dragon fly larva.....perhaps not the oscar will probably eat them.

If you put some of the pond water in a glass jar you may see them....about the size of a pin head....or a little bigger....they swim in a jerky motion

You can also add duckweed to the tank to absorb the nutrients??

I have a favorite duck pond in Brisbane....always has heaps a couple of weeks after rain....last time all I caught was gambusia....very fat healthy gambusia!!! I wonder if park staff saw me fishing and thought I was catching mossie larva....so they added so gambusia because they seemed to appear out of nowhere!!!

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