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New tank


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I am in the process of getting a 5x2x2. I am not going with weirs but just two holes drilled in the back of the tank and one in the middle for the return.

The two drain holes are 50mm and the return is 32mm. I am putting either a OR6500 or a laguna 7500, will this be enough considering i've got two 50mm holes for drainage? I've read somewhere that 32mm holes will only accomodate approx 5000lt p/h is this correct?



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not sure as I havent got the pump yet. I'd imagine it would have a 25mm outlet?



3.8mt Head

6500 litres per hour

3mt cable for indoor use only

Approx. dimensions L 21cm x W14cm x H 14cm


Inlet: 1 1/4 inch male thread

Outlet: 1 inch. male thread

Approx. Heads:

1.0m - 5700lph

1.5m - 4700lph

2.0m - 3700lph

2.5m - 2700lph

3.0m - 1700lph


- Powerful pump delivers solid waste (up to 8mm) direct to the filter

- Max flow rate: 7500 litres per hour

- Max head height: 3.70 metres

- Easy click fit connectors

- Ideal for use with Pressure-Flo pressurized filter

- Includes couplings for 3/4", 1", 1-11/4" & 1-11/2" diameter hosing

- Suitable for ponds up to 15000 litres

- Low running costs: 100 watts

HTH, Paul.

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