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Sunshine Peacock with Red Eureka Peacock?


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Anyone kept male Aulonocara sp. "Stuartgranti (Sunshine Peacock) with male Aulonocara jacobfreibergi "Eureka" (Eureka Red Peacock)?

I have a 12cm Sunshine Peacock who has mostly been ok with my Mbuna over the years but aggressively dominated an Lwanda I had. I was considering getting a similar sized Eureka Red in my display but have never kept Jacobfreibergi before and not sure if the two together would cause problems (there’s no females by the way).

It’ll be for a 4’x18”x18” tank stocked with a few good sized Mbuna such as Acei, Red Zebs and Crabro. Not overstocked but a busy looking tank. And there's plenty of rocks and caves.


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I tried to put a big Eureka Red in a 6x2x2 with an A. hansbaenschi once. It got killed the first night. They were both big males and I haven't tried it since.

Hope this helps.


The Jacobfreibergis are the most agressive of the Aulonocaras, so I would not risk it!

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