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Hi Maz

I just checked it for you and the chat is working fine. I believe that XP is the first Windows OS version after the lawsuit with sun. I dare say it will be your OS missing the driver, I think it was virtual or something like that. Pop over to sun and have a look.

Things are vague so don't shoot me if I'm wrong. I'll go see what I can find

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Sun Microsystems

They filed a private antitrust lawsuit against the Microsoft Corporation for the harm inflicted by Microsoft's anticompetitive behavior with respect to the Java™ platform, and for damages resulting from Microsoft's illegal efforts to maintain and expand its monopoly power.

Basically Microsoft took their product and gave it to everyone for free with their Operating Systems, they also provided support totally ripping off Sun.

XP was released after the courts ordered them to stop including the virtual machine as part of the OS. Read the law stuff

Virtual machine is free from Sun Microsystems

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download the latest version of java and try using a different browser like Opera or Mozilla.

Maybe a bug in the XP version of IE?

Or use a mac with the safari browser! wink.gif


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I had the same troubles when I changed to xp.

Are you on icq maz? There are a few settings you need to adjust, I found them by trail and error.

Get in touch with me and we'll make your internet settings a mirror of mine and you should be fine.

I found sun to be of no help....

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Oh yeah, and if that doesn't work, you can also check to see if the settings are correct...

Go to Internet options through IE, switch to the Advanced tab, scroll down to Microsoft VM, and make sure JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled is ticked (After installing MVM and restarting XP).

I've had your kind of problem before, but not with the chat, instead with Yahoo games, pool and stuff.

The Microsoft VM fixed my problem, it should fix yours also.


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