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Tank Medications


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Hey Guys,

Do you fish keepers out there always keep a particular medication/ remedy for any sudden disease health problems besides good old Melafix? Can anyone recommend something that is always good to have on hand if needed? I always have Melafix, but I'm not sure if this the only broadbased med I should keep.



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Melafix for cuts and scrapes.

Protozin for protozoan infections (ich, velvet, etc)

Multicure for things that melafix wont budge & fungus (also in combo with melafix)

Aquarium salt (in combo with melafix and sometimes multicure.)

Basically, you need an antiseptic, and antiprotozoan, an antifungal, an antibacterial and, if you are keeping difficult fish, or fish prone to scrapping, or imports, an antibiotic. A 'mycin' is best, but they are prescription, so Tetracycline is pretty affective.

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