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Freshwater Eel

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I had one about 4-5 years ago. I bought it at about 3". After about 12 months it had grown to about 8" and one night while watching telly, my wife heard a splashing noise, looked over and saw it slithering up into the filter. So it went to the LFS. :(

It is now about 24" long and the diameter of a 50 cent piece. I'm sure it recognises me whenever I go in, because the owner says that I'm the only one it comes out of it's hiding spot to see. :wub:lol2:

So just beware they grow large and love to explore. Keep tight lids. :shock:

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Im not sure what type. Can anyone make any suggestions?

He wants to put it in a 3x2x2.

Great story matty... lol :thumbup:

Fire eel or a tyre track eel look the best do not grow that fast.

I had a Fire eel for about 8yrs it got big 3.5ft 3" thick body.I think they look the best of all the f/water eels.

It eat earth worms out of my hand every night lost it in a moving house mishap.I was so pi ssed off I got out of the hobby for 13yrs just recently got back into it you can never shake it lol.

What Matty said they will get out of a hole you would never think they could fit though.



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If its an aussie eel, very easy to keep, eat anything and start getting agressive when about 1.5ft. Mine grew from a 10cm shoelace to a fat 2' mofo in about 6-8 months. Eating anything and everything. I threw it outside in a tub a few months before I traded it in lately.

Fire, Tiretracks & zigzag are around. I managed to get a 2' TT from novafishy, its doing fine and eating fish pieces. Hides out most of the time but getting braver as he starts to recognise that its me at the end of the stick pushing food towards it.

Like whats been said, weigh down lids, plugup all holes, as they are very strong (when pushing the 1' mark) and escape artist from young.

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Looks to be an aussie eel for some kind...maybe longfin.

The one I had started out like that, just grew fast and got malty grey on yelow/greenish. Like the ones you see displayed for eating purposes. I think ST George has some young ones...maybe the one I traded to Riverside could be there.

Cool little guys that grows to be nasty.

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I kept 3 eels that i caught in the local river in a 5x2x2 for about 12 months. just threw worms in there whenever i remembered. i do remember them getting out of the tank onto the floor. scared the crap out of my GF at the time. :)

ended up throwing them in the dam when i pulled down the tank. but they were a great fish to have in the tank,

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