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Texas Holey Rock


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Does anyone have some for sale ?????????

Without wishing to be facetious I think the answer to your question is "Yes. People in Texas have it for sale on ebay". A feature rock is around $50US and then you have to pay for freight. Moliroman has some earlier posts about his experiences regarding the cost and time to get it here. He got some great pieces but it wasn't cheap or easy.

I have never seen genuine holey rock for sale in Sydney, I have never seen it offered on these forums and have never seen it for sale on Ebay (despite looking) in Australia. If you want it you can get it at great cost from Texas - you won't be getting it on the cheap here in Australia.


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Guest parallel

Um...just roughy how much do they really cost/kg with freight?

Maybe it would be cheaper buying an Airfair and fly to texas to pick some up...just a thought... :shock:

I think someone was selling on this forum for $50+ for 2 but have to dig around for the post.

Ok found the link but it is sold.




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Thanks for your input foai !

I clearly understood what MoliroMan had written.

My question was "Does anybody have some for sale ?". Someone that has already brought some over to Aus.

Because I, Like Parallel saw some 4 sale on this same forum but wasn't quick enough getting in on the deal!

Thanks anyway... :lol1:


Ps: If anyone has any Texas Rock and is willing to part with it, let me know !!!

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have u thought of organising a bulk buy of THR with a few interested parties so as to divide the shipping costs?

Texas Holey Rock

I don't think there are many people willing to part with these amazing rock specimens.

Also have u tried Anchar (Merjo) - she had some holey limestone rocks for sale?



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