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how to sterilize tank and filter


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I have just lost some fish to a disease. I want to sterilize the filter and tank quickly so I can get the tank up and running. The tank is 6ft and the two filters are canisters. The reason for the disease was because my larger filter jammed and the fish began breathing heavely so I cleaned the filter but couldn't save them all in time. I moved them to a 4ft tank which only had a couple of venustus in there. There is no fish in the tank but my 4 ft tank is now a bit crowded. If I wash the filters with hot water and empty the tank will that do the job or what else do I need to do.

thanks in advance

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hi Nev

i don't believe that you lost some fish to disease.

more probably, lack of oxygen and falling water conditions, due to a bung filter.

you transfered the remaining fish to a 4ftr, are all the fish ok?

washing the filters out in hot water will achieve zip. [as far as 'bugs' go]. all you will achieve is killing off the bacteria and having to start from scratch again. emptying the tank and refilling it will be no gain as well.

wash the crook filter out in the old tank water, if the smaller filter needs cleaning, do the same. give the tank a 50% water change. you can then move 50% of the fish back, wait a week then move the others back.

also keep a close watch on the 4ftr to make sure the same problem doesn't develop there.

HTH; cheers; Colin

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I also agree with Colin

For future reference bleach is a winner - just needs to be really well rinsed afterwards.

but in this case, it was quite likely lack of oxygen + ammonia spike & not any nasties at all - even if your fish got whitespot it is likely a result of the other problems & not the cause - plus if there is any nasties they were transferred to the 4' tank when you moved the fish.

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