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Peacock Behaviour?


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Hi guys, I have a bit of a question that has my interest a little peaked and was wondering if you could impart your collective knowledge onto me once again as I have found it to be valuable in the past.

Alright here goes:

I have a pair of A. hansbaeschi (red shoulder peacock) that are in a 4ft tank with some BNs and a small handfull (read: 4) EY fry. I know I should increase the female content and I will shortly, when finances permit. I have ust recently moved these peacocks from another tank that held a small colony of EYs and a few Jewel Cichlids. While in their first tank the peacocks were out and about all over the place swimming up and down the tank and being happy little chaps, so to speak.

Now that I have them in the new tank, they have reclused into the caves that I have made in there. They seem to spend all their time in the pots, though they seem to move from pot to pot as they have made mounds of gravel in front of each one and I see them in different pots from time to time. They are also alone in the pots i.e. they don't go into the pots together. Is this normal behaviour? Can anyone shed some light and help me out?



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they probably aren't feeling comfortable as there aren't many fish around - they may even ignore the fry & think they are all alone.

Probably just the change in stocking rate, they'll either get used to it or you'll get the funds to get more girls & the problem will solve itself that way.

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