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PVC Pipe shelters/caves


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I have searched the Technical threads, but can't find too much about PVC pipe shelters and caves.

In a couple of weeks I will be getting my first lot of Tropheus, and I want them to have access to shelters and caves. I have read about PVC pipe caves, and I just wanted to know how to make them. ie what diameter pipe, length of sections, and how they are bonded. Also how many should I bond together etc etc.

I have also read of sections of PVC pipe suspended in the tank for shelter. Any info on size, length and how you suspend them would be appreciated. Also, do you close one end off or have both ends open?

Any info or pics would be greatly appreciated.



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Go to bunnings, i went there today a bought 2 right angle pieces for $1.45 each and a straight piece $9 for 3 metres. The right angle pecies are slighty bigger then the straight pvc pipe so there a press fit..(easy) There's a huge range there... Check it out..

Here's a pic of my cave.

IPB Image

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