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Malawi or Tang commnity tank?


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After a break of a few years from keeping and breeding african cichlids I am looking at setting up in the next few months an african community / display tank.

The tank would primarily be for display, however I will be keeping a number of colonies of different species in the tank. Any fry from these colonies would be allowed to grow up as such in the tank. This would allow me to get the breeding bug back.....

I am looking at a tank which is at least 6x2x2, hopefully 8x2x2. Depends on how much room I have got and how much I can convince my wife....

My thoughts at the moment are for a malawi tank with the following

Psuedothropheus saluosi - 20 at a ratio of 1m to 4f

Placidochromies phenochilus - 6 at a ratio of 1m to 3f

Aulonocara baenschi benga - 7 - 2m and 5f

Melonchromis spec??? - 6 or so fish

or the other option that I am considering is a tang tank - I like the different shapes and colours of the tangs - my choices to start with would be

Juliodichromis marlieri - 1m 2f

Altolamprologus calvus - 1m 2f

Cyprichromis leptosoma - 20 plus fish

Neolamprologus brichardi - pair

Neolamprologus leleupi - pair

Cyathopharynx furcifer - karlani copper - colony

a shell dweller or ten....

What i am looking for is thoughts on either community set up

other fish that could be included...

potential problems with the mix of fish that I have mentioned above

stocking levels..

potential crossbreeding problems - I have tried to select to minimise this - even though I am setting this up as a display tank I do not want any mistakes to be bred...

Your thoughts, suggestions and comments would be appreciated. :thumbup:


PS - and yes I have considered Tropheus for the tang tank (ilangi and ndole red) - however I am not sure that I am ready take that big a step back into cichlids.... :)

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Hi Gav -

Welcome back :).

I think both tanks sound promising. Alex, a friend of mine, used to have a lovely tang community tank with Cyps, multis and Callochromis pleurospilus. It was a cool looking setup. In saying that, the malawi tank is obviously a brighter coloured option and I very much like your suggestions for that (with the exception of the Melanochromis - the only Melanochromis species I'd trust in that tank would be mainganos).

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I'd go the tang tank, you have an awesome choice of fish there. If done right with aquascaping etc. I think it'd be a lot better than the Malawi's IMO. With tangs there is also less chance of cross breeding.


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Hmmm umm

well from experience foi are to active for leptos, and the leptos will not breed very well.

depending on the individual fish the brichardi, or julies might get a bit snapy at the shellies, or there might be some adverse reactions with 3 different types of rockdweller, BUT i have 3 types in my 8 footer and it is all good so far, will see what happens if the sexies start breeding, fingers crossed...

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