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Fish stocks in a 4x2x18


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i'm currently in the process of freeing up my 4x2x18. Now i have an idea of what i want to put in there, and from what i've read it should be okay.

12 electric yellows at 5cm

4 pepp bn at 3-4cm

pair of alto comps 5-9cm

Will this combination be okay? if not what will have to go elsewhere?

Also what substrate would be best for this group of fish. The tank currently has a white mix of gravel but was considering getting of changing it to river sand.

I was going to have both melee root at one end of the tank for the bn for whatever wants to use it, and limestone at the other.

Please Note: the pepp bn will be in a grow out tank if there is a notable and dangerous difference in size of the fish. Was Also thinking that the alto comps may see them as prey while at that size.

Opinions please?

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I wouldn’t put comps with yellows. Firstly wrong lakes (aesthetic values you know), but mostly, even though comps will compete-up when the pressure is on for food, yellows are fast and in your case outnumber the comps, so I think you will have feeding hassles.

Then you got the peppermint bristle nose – different continent. I know people do it….but I have never considered it correct. I know they have a tolerance for broad pH abilities (quick goggle search informs me of a range of 6.0-7.5), but I don’t like putting fish through more than nature intended, and you will be taking them to the extreme limits of their range if you cater for the comps/yellows. This is not good practice.

I wouldn’t put a white substrate with any fresh water fish, as it washes the fish out (though electric yellows may look better trying to match this background). As to type of substrate – anything you want, river sand would be fine.

I wouldn’t put any sort of wood into a tank where you want the pH to stay high, you’ll have the wood trying to drop the pH, and the limestone trying to raise it. If you want Africans, keep the wood out, my subjective view point is to skip the PMints altogether, and not put your comps with your yellows.


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iv keep all my africans with loads of wood in the tanks and my ph is at a steady 8+. iv had no problems with it droping. i havent got anything else in the tanks to raise the ph it seems to stay round 8. its been running for well over a year with no problems.

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