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help with new cichlid setup (americans)


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Cool I keep many american cichlids, Which types are you going to keep, they tend to get very big as compared to africans.

the tank is a little cloudy as i have some drift wood in there. not sure how to fix that yet.

Some activated carbon should help with that its available at many stores.

so far i have a pair of firemouths, a pair of brasiliensis. & also a small plecco.

cool good choice for a tank that size.

when i got home from work today, i couldnt see one of the brasiliensis. on further looking, i found

what must be the female, she was guarding a bunch of eggs !!!!

she has made a nest of sorts, and moved a bunch of gravel around. the eggs are in behind one of my ornamental caves in the corner of the tank.

what should i expect next ?

She will either eat the eggs which is quite common for the first batch they have. OR within 3 days they will hatch into tiny wrigglers and hang around in a clump which she will guard. after another 2-3 days you should see the little fry swimming around a bit, you can go ahead and get some fry fish food for them at this stage if you want to bring them up. Dont add any new fish if your going to do this though as they might eat your fry.

is there anyone with experience with these types of fish that lives near me (parramatta/merrylands) nsw

that might consider coming over to have a look at my setup and offer suggestions ?


While Parramatta has by far the best football team that has ever been seen (GO THE EELS!) unfortunatly I dont live close by sorry.

If you take some photos and post them up here on the forums then you can get input from everyone!



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thanks for the info.

i will try to get a few pictures.

forgot to mention that the male is feircely guarding the outside of the cave!

he quickly see's off any othe fish the comes a little too close.


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what media is in the sump? your clarity issues could be a simple as not enough mechanical media.

also, how big (flow rate) is the pump?

edit: oh yeah! Welcome to the forum & congrats on the spawn

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pump is way too small, get a 3000lph one.

actually, how big is the overflow plumbing? Weir, standpipe or overflow hole in back of the tank?

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i have decided to get rid of the fire mouths and just keep my pair of brassiliensis.

if anyone here wants the fire mouths, you can have them free, just so long as they go to a good home.

im not sure what sex they are, might both be male or female, or might even be one of each.

they are only small (about 3" or so).

also, you will have to pick them up, as i dont have a car.(i ride everywhere)

send me a email or pm if your interested.


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bubbles everywhere? just overflowing the drip plate perhaps? if it's plastic, drill the holes out a 1-2mm larger - you want as much turn over as you can get.

Also, why get rid of the firemouths? you can have plenty more fish in there as it stands, or do you want to go all eartheaters?

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the bubbles were just comming out of the "return" section of the sump.

the bit that the water flows into where the heaters are. before it overflows onto

the drip tray.

the water would flow then evey 10 - 20 sec or so, i would get a big "burp" type thing where a lot

of water and air would bubble out of the return bit, and a bunch of it would spill out onto the

lid of the sump and the inside of the cabinet. also it was so noisy, i couldnt sleep ! :shock:

it was SO noisy that i could hear the bubbling oiutside my unit.

not good for good neighbourly relationships. :angry:

as for the fire mouths, thought that i would only concentrate on having the two

brassiliensis as more of a pet type then having a community type tank.

it might also increase my chances of having the fry survive as there's less chance

that they will get eaten.


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