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Post your Geophaugus pictures here


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At the time of the photo, these guys were tiny 3-4cm so the tank isn't very big (4'x18"x20). They've grown a bit now but are on lend to my brother for a little while before I add them to a new tank.

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G. abalios

G. altifrons 'aripuana'

G. altifrons 'rio tocantins'

G. sp. 'red head tapajos'

G. sp. 'Araguaia Orange Head'

Geophagus steindachneri

Geophagus brasiliensis

Satanoperca leucosticta

Geophagus "surinamensis"

Gymnogeophagus balzani

Satanoperca jurupari

Geophagus dicrozoster

Satanoperca jurupari

Please feel free to correct me if im wrong.

Hope it helps Richard.

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