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Aulonocara jacobfreibergi


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Hi Rick -

Like most peacocks they are reasonably straightforward. Keep as per other malawi cichlids. Perhaps with some peaceful dither fish (rainbows?). If you want to mix them with other cichlids I think something like a group of peacocks (2m:6f) and a pair of Julidochromis might be nice in a 4' x 18" tank.

I'd say a 3' (120 L) is a minimum tank size. More girls than boys (at least 1m:3f). Price? I sold my "Reginae" morph for $5 a fish at 30mm. I think that's the going rate (roughly) for virtually all peacocks.

Make sure you buy ONLY stock with a locality attached. "Otter Bay", "Boadzulu reef", "Undu Reef" etc. Dont mix peacock types.

I'd recommend: "Hongi Island" or "Undu Reef" (mamalela) over most other locality morphs.... just because there is less of these around and they are likely to be more easily sold on.

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Just for info, the "Eureka" peacock is a line bred variant of the Otter Point peacock. It has much more red in the body and fins and is a better looking fish.

If you are interested in peacocks, I'd talk to "aussiem" on this forum first. He should be able to steer you in the right direction with purity of Australian bloodlines etc. He can probably tell you which peacocks are in demand as well.

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