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Bit of Urgent advice needed


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Hey Guys.

well i had organised to buy a tank tomorrow that measures 800mmx800mmx500mm(H). Now i assumed that the tank would be 10mm all round, but actually asked today and he said its 6mm sides and 10mm base!

i got told 6mm wasnt good enough for a tank nearly 2ft high, so thinking maybe i shouldnt get the tank afterall. It is a bit of a bargain i think , setup for marine including stand, sump, return pumps & plumbing and 250W MH with near new bulb. Thought it was my ticket into marine's. This guy actually runs an aquarium rental and maintenance store, so should know what he is doing with glass thickness, but thought i should check with u guys whether 6mm is too thin for this much water. Tank will hold about 320Litres of water.

Thanks for any advice, meant to be picking the tank up tomorrow!!!!


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that's 20" high, the maximum for 6mm IIRC remember a std 4'er is 18" high out of 6mm

being only 800 long & wide it shouldn't have too much to flex, if it's braced well what's the problem?

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Hi, thanx for the reply's. For some reason i cant type reply's on my personal computer here at work, so had to wait till the boss ducked off for a sec so i could use hers, so u may not get another reply back from me till after 11pm.

I contacted him with my concern over the 6mm glass. He said the tank is Euro braced, which from google means strips of glass around all the edges, no bracing that goes across the centre. He seems very sure it wont break, its actually one of his display tanks at his shop that he is pulling down cause he has to move. because its 2nd hand i very much doubt he will give a warranty, but if i express my concern over the thickness it might force him to say something about a warranty kind of deal.

Thanx for the reply's, i will be able to read your reply's over the next couple hours, just not respond, so any further advice would be great.

Thanks, Brad.

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It's second hand, so one would assume it has had water in it. To me that means it must hold the pressure. BUT what happens if it gets a knock some in the future?

A tank's glass thickness needs to be of a certain thickness to stand the pressure increase as the tank gets higher. You also need to take into account it being robust to withstand accidental bumps. Regardless of what sort of bracing it has, it is still only 6mm (I had to read that twice).

What happens to all that water in your lounge room should it give way. You like your lounge and TV? What happens if it gives way when someone is standing in front of it? Do you have kids? There was a post a couple of months ago where this happened and if I remember correctly their daughter had to have internal stiches the slash was that deep.

Think of a worst case scenario!

A tank of this height needs to be at least 10mm. If it were my tank, I'd take it out to 12mm. Tanks this size are not a laughing matter should the unforeseeable happen.

In a nutshell - don't buy it, pay twice as much (how ever much that is), for a tank with correct glass thickness.

And look at it this way, if you do buy it, and you never have any problems with it, you'll find it VERY hard to sell it again with glass as thin as this.


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Craig is correct. For an extra $50 or $60 that peace of mind is well worth it.

a good saying is "the sweetness of a good price is outlasted by the bitterness of a cheap product".

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You would not get me in the same room with a tank that size made out of that millage.

I would err on the side of caution.

Here in Perth, anything wider or higher than 18" goes to 8mm glass and above 20" goes to 10mm.

Euro bracing would help but........ is it worth the risk????

Cheers Giz :)

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