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Tropheus question


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I have been quoted $25 each for 3cm length Tropheus duboise from a LFS in Adelaide of which I was planning on purchasing 10 and putting in my 4 ft (soon to be replaced by a 6ft) tank with an adult pair of T. chimbi, 2 adult male T. duboise and two sub adult T. bembi.

My questions are

(1) is this mix going to be OK, considering the number of juvenile duboise I will put in at one time

(2) The LFS is getting these fish from a dealer interstate - a fair price or is there any room to bargain?

(3) do you think I should wait until I happen to see adult female T. duboise at a LFS and add them as they become available - in Adelaide this maybe a long time :B

Any suggestions much appreciated.



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:raisehand: Hi there

$25 each for Duboisi from lfs is pritty standard. There about $30 here but its a small country town there sources are quite expensive. Try and locate a breeder in your area and you might be looking at $10-15 each.

As far as housing them im suprised the adults arnt terring sheds of each other. So id say you could keep them together in a 6ft.

Im no expert but i hope this helps


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I have with my experiences with tropheus as longa s they are showing juvenile colouring and there is plenty of hiding space they will be ok. All jikes aside $25 isn't to bad for lfs tropheus as I know what the wholesale price is. The best time to add the new ones is after lights out as the other fish are asleep and don't relise they have guests. So when they wake up they will be none the wiser.

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Hi Sean,

Welcome to the tropheus club! :thumb

I have a few questions for u as well.

It is very unusual in my experience to see tropheus pair up (and this occurs usually with duboisi) how do u know your chimbi is a pair? Have they bred before?

I agree u have been lucky so far that there is not too much aggression. Is it a standard 4 foot tank?

Those 3 variants in one tank is possible since they are less likely to interbreed but if forced to anything is possible. Is it very difficult for u to come by tropheus in SA. is that the reason u have only bought a few of each variant?

In a 4 by 2 u should keep no more than 1 variant but i have kept 2 in the pass with mixed results. One variant would usually dominate and out of these 3 i would say the bemba would.

If u plan on getting a 6 by 2 by 2, u could have 2 variants but i would choose out of the chimba and the bemba which one u like more or which one u can get your hands on more readily. I would have at least 20 of each variant in a 6 by 2.

If u are buying tropheus in a LFS, $25 is the usual price...u could ask nicely Aline (chipimbi) on this forum and she may ship over some cheaper tropheus for u, but u might as well sell all your existing tropheus and get something different.

Adding 10 juveniles (ie. 3-4cm) to any existing colony should be quite uneventful provided u keep a watchful eye once they are introduced. I have done it successfully even without rearranging the rockwork or turning of the lights and covering the tank with a blanket.

Finally, i believe duboisi are probably the only variant that will do ok in smaller numbers - ie. less than 5 but u will need other Ts or tankmates to dissipate the aggression.

Let us know what u decide in the end to do!


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