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Suitable tankmates for chalinochromis


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Hi all,

I am about to pick up a pair of chalinochromis popelini and am wondering which of my two tang tanks they would be most suited to.

Tank 1 - 5 footer with 15 tropheus moorii, 2 yellows and 2 neo brevis; or

Tank 2 - 4 footer with 4 julie transcriptus, 2 ventralis, 2 gold comps, 4 blue occies.

Tank 1 will soon get a pair or trio of julie ornatus ( at the moment they are in a grow out tank until they pair off).

I suppose that they could go in either but am concerned about the popelini and julies mixing together. Does anybody keep julies and chalinochromis together?

Thanks for your advice.


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My strong recommendation is to not keep them in with the Julies - they are very likely to crossbreed as they are genetically similiar. There have been reports of it happening. Hopefully nobody keeps julidochromis and chalinochromis together!

They will go ok in your 5footer, though may give the brevis a bit of grief as they grow up.



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