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how to get murray cod to breed


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One of my mates has 5x45-50cm murray cod in a small pool. They are about 3-4 years old. we want to breed them next year to give a go at raising the fry from egg stage. How would I get them to breed? Is there any conditioning diet that anyone would recommend? Any tips on actually getting them to breed would also be appreciated... ie tanks? enclosures? breeding sites? (I have read info that suggests using a 44 gallon drum with top and bottom cut off... any feedback?)



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The great Murray Cod ... Absolutely sweet fish ..

Now ! (PAUSE) when i was a boy ! rolleyes.gif hehe

We used to fish the Murray & Murrumbidgee

rivers (NSW) for these Great Natives and they

were becomming harder to find as per the introduction of the

"EUROPEAN CARP " mad.gif ... Anyway between

the REDFIN & YELLOW BELLY & SILVER ( perch ) They were

the most sought after Native we have unsure.gif ... My advice

on food types would be : Small carp / yabbies / earth worms

& the good'ol Australian Bardy grub ( ol'timers seceret ) wink.gif

Anyway's , i doubt you'll breed them in captivity as they normaly

breed when flooding occurs in the appropriate seasons in NSW ..

I guess it brings spawning on for those females who are ready .

These rivers are "slow flowing" warm rivers to which you would

need to replicate.. hehe ... Good luck mate / guys ...

Thats my opinion ,But seeing as i like these fish so much and

that they are

OURS  smile.gif 
.. Please find the following

information for your inquiries ...


Check these departments out guy's wink.gif


Snobs crk hatchery at Eildon .. NSW... Good luck & please update me . TA .

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thanks guys... i will do a ring around.... If worst comes to worst... I will just give them a good ol' hormone shot... and then milk them... that should do the trick! thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

I will get in contact with the fisheries places you suggested...

BTW... if anyone wants some murray cod... i picked some up at kenthurst fish and filters last week for $4 ea... they weren't on pellets... but it wasn't hard to wean them accross (I was going to use a koi trainer fish... but the next day he was floating upside down with 1 eye, 2 fins and most of his scales missing!!!) They have heaps there and they are about 5-8cm.... so you can easily train them

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