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Ack! My nics have spawned!


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I have a pair of Copora nicaraguensis and they are in a tank with a same-aged group of the same species, unpaired, also some lionheads. Well they have spawned before I was ready for them!

There is a cloud of free swimming fry ATM keeping close to their mother and pot/cave. (The 4ft tank has pots/caves all through it.) What do you reckon I should do with them? How depleted would the numbers get if I leave them, and how would I catch them if I do that (and would it upset their parents too much)?

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I'm only really replying here because no-one else has & I wasn't sure how specific you wanted the advice.

My experience is with texas & synspilums though from the reading I've done they are similar temperment to nics.

I haven't kept nics specifically (I do want them, lack of tank space :roll ) but if they are like other CAs it's best to leave at least some of the fry with the parents to lessen agro from the male to the female, though the number of fish in the tank will probably limit that.

I usually leave the free swimmers with the parents for a week or so to let the weaker ones be picked off & let them get a little size before putting however many I want into the fry saver. Depending on the situation I'll either siphon them to a bucket of if there's a really good cloud of fry just swat a net through it. BBS are an awesome first food, I also use NLS Grow formula through a fine pepper grinder (almost to a powder)though if they are too young they don't seem to eat it straight away, hence the BBS.

Hope this isn't too general to be of help :B

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