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Flowering of Ottelia ulvifolia


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For those of you who are new to keeping aquarium plants or simply are thinking about keeping a plant tank id like to share one of the rewards in doing so.

Ottelia ulvifolia is a beautiful aquatic plant found in Tropical Africa and Madagascar. Apart from being very light demanding this plant has no other major requirements. It is found naturally in both flowing and stagnant water. Soft to medium-hard water and a nutritious substrate will help this plant flourish.

In my experience it grows fairly quickly over the space of a month or 2. In favourable conditions it will send out a flower peduncle(stem) to the surface of the water. For me this happened in roughly 3 days. I could see the stem growing quickly but not until it was halfway could i see the seed pod forming.

Yesterday morning the pod reached the surface just before i had to go out for few hours. When i got home i was suprised to see a nice yellow flower on the waters surface.

This is a very rewarding part of keeping a plant tank as it generally suggests good conditions for the plants. It makes you happy to know you are on the right track.

Having plants flower is very rewarding and i suggest to those who are thinking about keeping some plants to go and try it.

3wpg,co2,flourish, flourish iron and lighting 12 hours on 12 hours off.

So here are some pics i hope you like..

Flower opening

IPB Image

Flower open

IPB Image

Plant can be seen on the left middle of this tank,long slender green leaves

Sorry its a little hard to see im not much of a photographer

IPB Image


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Nice flower :thumbup:

Where did you get this plant from, I wouldnt mind having a go myself.

I agree, it is rewarding when you get good results like this. How long does the flower last?

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Thanks guys

The flower lasted the best part of a day. Opened up in the morning just after i had to go out and once lights went out that night that was it. Very short lived but thankful i did get the chance to catch it.

The plant was a gift from a friend so im glad i was able to have some luck with it.

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