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Help & Advice please..


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Forgive this question as I am still learning..

I have an E.yellow & also a Tangerine Zeba which I have noticed are both holding..

Problem.. I only have one spare tank.

Can I put them both in the spare tank together ??

Last time I had an E.Yellow holding she would not release the fry in the community tank & when I finally decided to net her & put her in a tank on her own she spit out the fry which were all dead & she died later that day...

What are my chances of saving the fry if they are both put in the same tank ??



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I would make a couple of Fry Nurseries and put them in the top of the main tank. Add a piece of Ag pipe to each so that it provides a safe environment for the females. They can then spit naturally and the female can then be returned to the main tank a day or so later. Once the fry grow out a bit place them in your other tank. Here are instructions on how to make a fry nursery (saver)


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Hi Col,

I would strip both females at around 12 to 14 days (from the time they bred) and release both lots of fry into the spare tank - they should be free-swimming by then. Then put the females straight back into the tank they came from.

The fry will be fine together.



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