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Sick Blue Acara


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This morning I found my blue acaras sick. The male is in a bad way, and the female has got some inital signs of the disease.(Fin started to rot)

The male appears to have some scales rotted away, and the fins partially rotted. Looks like an infection on open wounds so to speak.

I treated with multicure (methelane blue, and malachite green) plus also treated with melafix.

I done a 25% water change also. Water parameters are in check.

Can anybody suggest what else I can/should do?

BTW the acaras are in a tank by themselves, so no need for isolation.

Any help would be great,


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I noticed they were a little pale, and less active.

The male is moving a bit more at the moment, but is still laying on his side. He has about a 4cm strad of poop hanging off him, but I don't think it has constipation.

The female is a bit more responsive than this morning.

She is also eating.

I don't have any pics at the moment, the tank is dark green, and I had to turn the second flourscent bulb on to just barely to see the fish.

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Fin rot is normally, but not always, caused by water chemistry. Can you tell us:


water change (date of last, volume and frequency)



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It doesn't appear to be fin rot, but anyway

PH is 6.5,

Ammonia is 0

Nitrite is 0

Last water change was around 10 days ago. (25%) Usual frequency lately was 14 days.

I lost the male fish :cryblow: But the female is hanging in there

Only a small amount of the tail fin is affected, the rest are fine.

I do have a strange persistent algae for a while. It is black, but peels off in large pieces. But that is probably nothing.

The male fish looked like it was in a big fight, ragged all over, but it is extremely unlikely.

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have any pets or kids been near the tank?

you said the tank is dark green...strange algae,

is the glass covered in a furry brownish algae?

how long do you usually leave the light on?

can you think of anything else that would have spooked them?

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No one else has touched the tank, including pets.

Also there were no other occupents in the tank.

The dark green colour was from the multicure.

The lights are on for about 10 hours a day. The algae is not brown or fuzzy, but almost black, and peels off in clumps. It only grows in this tank for some reason, and there is no substrate inside.

I am pretty sure the male and female were not fighting.

Upon further examining the dead fish, on all the infected spots were bloches of blood, like wounds, but the flesh was not really broken. I am a bit concerned, what about the possibility of teberculosis?

The female is doing ok, but there is not much physical improvement. There does not seem to be much healing on the fins. But it stopped getting worse, so the treatment may be working.

I am continuing the multicure, and melafix treatment.

Oh, the male was around 9cm, and I feed them NLS Cichlid Formula 1mm

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