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Male Bristlenose macro


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WOW AWESOME shot, great job!! :thumbup:

hehe if you scroll up and down it looks like hes cleaning your screen....*sigh* i need a life LOL :B

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Yeah that's with the FZ30. No tripod.

The reason I bought it was for the macro, which is awesome for a P&S. Are you using it on the macro setting?

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i am using the macro setting, do you have it set on manual and adjust the settings yourself , i think i have to go back to reading the book i also bought an additional lens for the camera which i havent used as yet a wide angle lens , i just cant seem to take a decent shot of anything on the macro setting ,

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I reposted the macro shots I've taken with the FZ30 for you. Most of the settings will be in the properties of the pictures.

Basically I use ISO 100 and "program" or "aperture priority" mode. I tweaked the menu settings a bit:

Metering mode: (.)

AF mode: Square with dot inside & H

Cont AF: Off

AF assist lamp: On

Dzoom: Off

Col effect: Off

(pict adjust) Contrast: High

Sharpness: std

Saturation: Std

Noise reduction: std

I clean up the pics a bit usually with photoshop.

Hope it helps.

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