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what can i keep in my 4'


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hi can i put convicts, firemouths together in a 4 footer, how many could i put in there, and how many caves, is driftwood or rock better, also are firemouths and severums as hardy as convicts and do they like the same water conditions?

I am new at this so i have no idea, dont mean to sound like an idiot if i say something wrong



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I think a pair of convictsand a pair of Firemouths would be O.K in a 4 foota, just be carefull when the convicts start breeding, they may decide to clean up their space! But i've had convicts and rainbow cichilids in a standard 4' tank.

I'd add at least three or four caves, half at each end, maybe one in the middle. I wouldn't say severums and firemouths are "as hardy" as convictss but short of cockroaches i can't think of anything that is. I have a pair that live in an unheated plastic tub in my backyard.

Either way the convicts will be the aggressors as Firemouths and severums are quite peacefull, and tend to fight within the species more than with others.


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