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Removing Centre Brace


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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to check with u guys to see if u think i would be ok to remove the centre brace from the tank seen below.


The tank is 2Ft long x14.5 inches wide x 18 inches tall and is constructed from 5mm glass.

Now if i can remove it, do i have to add supports anywhere else? or can i simply remove it? I dont mind leaving the small glass pieces that run along the centre of the tank, i just would like to remove the big centre one that will block all my light!!!!

Thanx for any suggestions/help. :thumb


P.S why did i keep getting "Sorry, dynamic pages in the %7Boption%7D tags are not allowed" when i tried to put the image in the post???

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yes you could remove it, but i would add a length of 6mm x50mm wide bracing the full length both side of the tank, to replace the two short sections the brace is attached to....the long sides must be braced

they can be attached so the go under the ends of the bracing on the short sides

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I would just buy another tank with no brace for around $20 or $30. Peace of mind really.

HMm unfortunately up here in Newcastle we dont enjoy cheap tank pirices like u guys in Sydney etc, a tank like this would be more that $30, think i bought this one 2nd hand for $30 (thanx Vis :thumb )

hi Brad

i can't see how the bridge will block enough light to worry about.

maybe not worth the hassle

Hmm this will be a planted tank, so i dont want to waste any light i manage to cram over it, would hate to have a glosso carpet that is bare in the centre due to lack of light...

I might go to the glass shop and grab some lengths of glass and remove it, if i ever get the time <_<

thanx for the help. :thumbup:

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