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Motoro Ray


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There are a few people breeding Motoro rays

and pups show up for sale accassionally in a couple of LFS in Sydney

they seem to ask about $1,000.00 - $1,500.00 ea for them

The good thing is you can sex them from birth as males have claspers

at the base of the tail, females don't

cool.gif L2H

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Talking to a friend the other day and he said there are some available now.

They are around the 4-5 inch mark and are definitly under $1000.

Last time i saw some (2) in a lfs was at slippery little suckers and they wanted $1500 ea although half the size again.

Very nice looking fish but not quiet sure how hard too keep, but i have heard they can be picky with their food at times. Does anyone else have some good info on these babies?? blink.gif

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