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Spawning too early?


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As I am sure you are no doubt aware as you are as excited about my life and the goings on within it as I am, one of my female EYs was stripped 14 days ago. Since then she has been put back in the tank and, in the process of performing water changes for my fry tank, excess water (cold) has been poured into her tank.

This has inadvertantly made her spawn last night, I saw her myself with a few slightly orange/opaque eggs last night and this morning she spat one out and took it in again. She is also not eating and her "throat" has dropped again.

While I am happy that she likes the males in my tank, I am concerned that it is too early for her to be holding again and that this may be detrimental to her.

Should I make an egg tumbler and take the eggs from her and tumble them so that she can eat again or should I let her be? If I let her be, I am planning on putting her in a breeding net in around nine days (Saturday week).

What does the wider Cichlid community think?



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