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electricity use and new tariffs


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Hi All

Just been adviced that Energy Australia are installing time of use electricity meters.

Up to now my bills have been about $1000 - $1500 per quater.

Straight away I suspected the worst as the peak rate is 20.02 cents per Kilo Wat as against the current charge of 11.6 - 13.5 cents per Kilo Wat.

When you actually work it out, a Kilowat charge for a 24 hour peroid I will be better of under the new regime. Currently the charge is about $3.26 per day, but under the new peak period regime the charge will be about the $2.48 mark a 23% discount clap.gif

Also I will look at setting up some ups's that will get charged in the shoulder period and power some of my room during the peak. I happen to have a whole heap of UPS's available since closing my business.

Has anybody else been adviced of the same change?



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yeah got it in the latest electric bill, but it was hard to understand how the idiots write it on paper.

you must be running alot of tanks andreas, how many tanks and filters and heater have u got running?

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