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Okay together?


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Hi all,

Thinking about adding a trio of t-reefs to my 5 footer which currently houses 14 moliros and 2 adult male yellows. I have read that the t-reefs are an algae grazer like the tropheus and they are currently getting the same food from me in their separate tanks anyway so I don't think diet will be an issue.

Moliros are currently breeding but the t-reefs haven't yet (still a bit young ~8cm). Are there any thoughts on how well these will get along with each other and will it affect either species' prospects of breeding. I know that the t-reefs are going to get quite big and am wondering if this will put the moliros off breeding.

Any advise would be appreciated.

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i have never kept t-reefs with tropheus before so can't give advice. u r already mixing lakes anyway so adding them shouldn't be a problem.

i would personally recommend adding another 15 moliros or 15 of another variant like kiriza, ikola or duboisi.

a colony of cyprochromis would look good in that size tank. Can also add a pair of julidochromis and eretmodus (gobies).

if u want some big fish u can add some petrochromis trewasavae.



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Thanks Dave,

I know I probably won't be considered a purist for mixing my lakes, but in my opinion, you can't go past the colour contrast that a couple of display quality electric yellows give to a tank.

Always on the lookout to increase my moliro colony - Anybody out there with some adult females they're willing to part with wink2.gif



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like i said before, u could easily add another 15 ikolas if u want the striking contrast in colours since the ikolas have a very nice yellow as well!

anyway, it is your tank and u can do as u please wink2.gif . Let us know what happens.


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