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Compact Fluoro (PL) Bulbs.


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Hi Guys,

Well I've finsihed Uni, have a job and now have a bit of Money, Time to get back into planted Tanks. My question concerns which brand of compact flourescent (PL - trade term for them) bulbs people use and recommend, as well as good places to buy them. I am after wattages ranging from 18w(for nano's) up to 55W for my larger tank. Now the bulbs need to have 2G11 bases, which most CF bulbs use anyway im pretty sure. Ive been reading a bit on those catalina 10K/6500K bulbs and people seem to like them, but they dont come in 18W versions. The only regular CF bulb i have found are Osram which are 5000K l and seem to have the best spectrum out of similar CF bulbs, info can be found here

Yeah so if anyone has any other recommendations as to a good lamp to use, please post, cause i really wanna get my lighting underway.

Thanx for any help, Brad.

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