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When's A Good Time To Remove Female?


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My female Venustus has spat her babies out at last and shows now interest in gobbling them all up at the moment, if anything she is still mothering them!

There is about 50 young and I was just wondering when would be a good time to remove her, I'm thinking tomorrow would be good, I'm thinking of dropping her into a fry saver first just incase she is still holding a few?

What do you guys reckon?



Ps I'm so annoyed, do you think I can catch my female Red Empress, shes got the biggest mouthful yet and she really doesn't want to be caught angry.gif

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hi Damon

it's great to see all the fry rush into the f/male's mouth at any sign of danger. this is their natural instinct, and it seems she is doing a good job of it. leave her in with them for a few more days, so she can start eating again and recover while still protecting her fry.

as soon as you try to catch her, she will probably take all the fry in anyway. enjoy watching nature at work

cheers; C

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