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Strip Or Spit ?


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Hi All, dry.gif

Just wandering what your opinions are on stripping mouth brooders or allowing them to spit there fry? I've got a great colony of yellows that are breeding and have a nice female coming up to 2 weeks holding. Will there be any problems later with the female?

Any suggestions and opinions would be great !!!


Theo. smile.gif

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I think its much of a muchness.

On oneside they say that its less stressful for the fish to let them spit. On the other they say if you let her hold for too long then she is at risk of eating them and losing alot of conditioning.

What I did with the last brood is left them for 3 weeks and after that, since one hadnt spat her brood out after approx. 23-24 days I stripped her so that she could eat again.

I think if you chose to strip, then you do it gently being very careful not to damage her

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Thanks for your replies.

Mick it is her first time!

I might just do that.I will leave her to go full term and see how she goes. Though I will put her in her own tank to prevent fry from being eaten by others... bigsmile.gif

Thanks thumbup.gif


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