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Breeding mealworms

Brayden's dad

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As the title suggests, I'm after some info on breeding mealworms for my Oscars. I've done a a search but no good. I've also referred to Gelf's "How to" thread & his website but no luck either.

I've read somewhere about it involving newspapers to seperate the adult beetles etc. but if anyone can help it will be much appreciated.


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I used to keep mealworms and I just left them to their own devices. Allow some of the mealworms to mature to beetles which lay the eggs. A few weeks after the beetles died, I found tiny new worms squirming around. I found the key was to take the mealworms out of the tiny containers you get from the LFS or pet store and put them into a bigger container and add new food (I used rolled oats).

Good luck, the oscars love them.


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