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Drilling Tanks


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I invested some money ans bought some diamond drill bits. Now the problem is, I don't know how to do it.

I assuming use a cordless drill - what speed setting?

I will make up something connected to garden hose to supply constant water (cooling) to the area.

I will make a ply jig - to get the hole in the right place and stop it moving around.

I will take it slowly - not applying any pressure, letting the bit do the cutting.

I will wear saftey gear and shoes.

Alot of I will's ! Can anyone add anything/how they do it?

Cheers Mitch

Edit - Typo's/comprehension dntknw.gif

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Everything you said sounds good.

The few times I've done it by myself I've done the following:

I haven't used a ply jig, although it would be much easier. I simply went very slowly, and angled the bit slightly, rolling it around gently until it started the circle. I just held the drill tightly and used my arms on the tank to keep it steady.

I simply used the weight of the drill to apply the light pressure and had plenty of water running onto the hole as it was cutting. The main bit to watch is when it's nearly through. If you rush that last minute, it will chip a bit out of the inside of the tank.

As for speed, slower is better, but you'll quickly work out the optimum speed.

Good luck smile.gif

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