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Faint egg Spots Afra Cobwe.


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yeah the females can have eggspots Hoddz, 3 of my females do, faint, but still noticeable, you may just have to wait for mouthfuls.

That is what you have to unless you can vent them. I thought I had 1 male and 6 females until I took out the male and 2 weeks later I had 2 males (in 2 tanks) and 5 females. So I then took out that male and then it became 3 males (in 3 tanks)and 4 females. It looks like I may still have another one. I definitely have 1 female as I have 3 fry in a fry saver. Unfortuately I don't know which one had the mouthful dntknw.gif . I will have to wait until the next mouthful and move them again LOL.gif



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