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what to put in


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just want a few sugestions about fish i could put in my tank , so far i have for yellow tail acei , all about 7-9cm and 2 frontosa 1 is about 12cm the other about 5-8cm , just wondering what else i could put in the tank to brighten it up a bit any suggestions would be apreciated

cheers brendon

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Hi Brendon,

I'm assuming it's a display tank? Not for breeding?

Firstly, I'm a bit of a purist, so I wouldn't be mixing Tanganyikans (like your Frontosas) with Malawians (like your acei) no.gif

But for colour, in my opinion, you can't go past Electric yellows. Mainganos would add some contrast and maybe something like Ps. saulosi. All are fairly hardy and relatively peaceful fish (although the saulosi can be a bit nasty towards their own kind). And all should be fairly easy to get, even in Dunbogan yes.gif

Electric blues or Lithobates (males) would also go well.

But in the end it basically comes down to personal taste.

I hope this helps.


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