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Can anyone identify these spots?


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Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone can help me out and identify what these spots are. They arent that visible in the photo, but at least you can see the colour and size of them. They are on the rays of the fins incase the pic isnt clear enough.

user posted image

Incase you cant see it properly, they are pinkish, and about the size of 1/4 - 1/2 a match head.

So far i have tried medicating with a combination of melafix, triple sulphur and upped the salt level in the tank with a mix of 1 part magneseum sulfate to 4 parts rock salt - about 1 tablespoon / 40 litres.

With the above treatment, there has been no increase in size, but there seems to be no sign of it going away either.

What do you think?

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do they stick out? Otherwise it could just be pigmentation.

Yes sorry i should have mentioned that. They are raised - about the size of a pin head to half a match head. They look like tiny pimples, but are on the fins only.

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My Giant Gourami has what look to be the same as the lump on your fish. It used to bequite pinkish at first, inside the ray of one of its pelvic fins. Its now stayed the same size but lightened in colour. Hasnt spread and doesnt seem to bother or cause the fish any stress.

The only explanation i can get is Lymphocystis (a virus)....but when you see a fish that has it they look bad..with lumps in a cluster. Its can spread to other parts of the body, other fish and can result in the death of the fish. No treatment is available, usually the fish is euthanased.

I cant apply this reason to my fish cos it really dosnt match the syptoms. The lump my fish has doesnt look nowhere near as nasty.

Id like to get rid of it...but i dont know how or if its possible dntknw.gif

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