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Puluu point


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Hi all

I was at a local aquarium today & saw some fish labelled as "Puluu Points".

Both male & female are in orange colour similar to Metriaclima estherae but with a body more elongated.

I did some googling but found very little info other than that they may be related to estherae but come from an unkown location in the lake.

Can anyone confirm if these are hybrids.

Cheers Dave

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They are Maylandia estherae that have been line bred. Much like the "Eureka Red" strains. They arent hybrids.

btw: Metriaclima is a junior synonym of Maylandia.

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Apparently females are the more distinct orange colouration and I wouldn't mind a nice female in my display tank but I have two male Acei and a male Crabro in it already. Would they cross breed do you think?

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All mouthbrooders will cross breed if the conditions are right

Males from one species and females from another

Pulu Zebs are line breed Esthrae Also they have Red eyes

and the fish male and female should be a nice bright orange and if i ever learn how to photo graph fish I will put some up as I have really good ones

I have also seen these refered to as Esthrae in retail so this is wrong and I reckon we have crossed fish as well "These look a very pale orange" in colour and the eyes can also give this away as they are black

To throw a further spin into the the mix they are tanzarine zebs getting around as well

and a further mix there are Esthrae getting around Blue Boys and orange girls

I hope you are not confused



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The Tangerine zebs that I have seen for sale with a blue male & orange female look identical to the pics that squidfish posted of his estherae.

Females have a definite black around the eye.

I know there is also a varient with orange males & females I am unsure if this is different to Puluu Pt zebs.

Puluu Pt Zebs = Male & female orange with red eyes

estherae aka Tangerine zebs =

1)Male blue & female orange with black around the eye

2)Male orange & female orange (not sure of colour around the eye)

Can anyone confirm the different types of estherae in Sydney


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