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Leptosoma mouthful


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G'day ACE;

Yesterday i netted out two of my adult female leptosoma to place them in a fry saver, although one spat as i was placing her in there angry.gif .

So i counted 10 fry, heads and tails so i left them in there with an air stone along with the other female thats still holding. I just checked on them now and one of the eggs fungused and theres only 6 left with heads and tails. Was just wondering could the other 3 be in the other females mouth? Is it possible to females to pick up more eggs even though they already have a mouthful? Im pretty sure these eggs could not have been picked out or fallen out of the fry saver as they are in a lone 2fter tank.

any help would be much appreciated

cheers; Richard

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Usually with heads and tails, the young should be fine without parental care. If your other female has picked them up, you may find that as time goes by, she will have less in her mouth.

That is, the longer a fish holds, the bigger the babies get, and dependant on the number of eggs, the more pressure the female will have on her to....make room.

At the end of the day that means less fish for you and me. I usually strip my cyprichromis, which can be a bit of an art more than a science blush.gif , so if I had one spit when I was moving her, I'd feel quite lucky LOL.gif


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